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heaven to touch

Gordon Flanders15 Dis 2023

Lirik heaven to touch

heaven to touch - Gordon Flanders

Lyrics by:Gordon Flanders

Composed by:Gordon Flanders

Produced by:Playground/Gordon Flanders

So much time is wasted on those

Tiny little things

That's what I've been wondered

Missing every fortune doesn't mean you lose it

What I'm waiting for

Been struggling with many doubts and honesty

Feel sick to deal with all my anxiety

Miles away from the sky

Wish I could fly up high

Keep opening eyes wide

Don't need nobody to help me point out the right path

Gon' throw up these plans

Make sure I'm go with my heart

I've come this far

Dreaming 'bout the scene

Repping my hometown

Singing all my songs

In front of the crowds

Like a star

Might be brighter I'm sure


If I try