D'Angelo, The Vanguards15 Dec 2014

Prayer (祈祷) - D'Angelo (迪·安格罗)/The Vanguards (先锋乐队)

Soul prayer soul prayer


What's your name


Hallowed be thy name


Kingdom come will be done oh yeah


I do the devil on your feet


I know that he will he will try to stop you

From seeing your days


But you got to pray all the way


Till you get on


I believe that some day we will rise


I know that he will try to harm you


And if you can


I know that you will make it to the promised land


But you got to pray you got pray


Oh you got to pray for redemption


Lord keep me away from temptation


Deliver us from evil oh yeah


And all this confusion around me


Give me peace


I believe that love


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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