Belle (《美女与野兽》电影插曲) - Emma Watson/Luke Evans/Ensemble - Beauty and the Beast

Written by:Alan Menken/Howard Ashman


Little town it's a quiet village


Every day like the one before


Little town full of little people


Waking up to say


Bonjour Bonjour

Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour


There goes the baker with his tray like always

The same old bread and rolls to sell


Every morning just the same

Since the morning that we came

To this poor provincial town

Good morning Belle


Good morning Monsieur Jean


Have you lost something again

Well I believe I have


Problem is I've I can't remember what


Well I'm sure it'll come to me


Where are you off to


To return this book to Père Robert


It's about two lovers in fair Verona


Sounds boring


Look there she goes that girl is strange no question


Dazed and distracted can't you tell


Never part of any crowd


'Cause her head's up on some cloud


No denying she's a funny girl that Belle



Good day


How is your family


Good day

How is your wife


I need six eggs


That's too expensive

There must be more than this provincial life


Ahh if it isn't the only bookworm in town


So where did you run off to this week

Two cities in Northern Italy

I didn't want to come back


Have you got any new places to go

I'm afraid not


But you may re-read any of the old ones that you'd like


Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big


Bon voyage


Look there she goes the girl is so peculiar


I wonder if she's feeling well


With a dreamy far-off look


And her nose stuck in a book

What a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle

Oh isn't this amazing


It's my favourite part because you'll see

Here's where she meets Prince Charming


But she won't discover that it's him 'til Chapter Three


Now it's no wonder that her name means Beauty


Her looks have got no parallel


But behind that fair facade

I'm afraid she's rather odd


Very different from the rest of us

She's nothing like the rest of us

Yes different from the rest of us is Belle


Look at her LeFou my future wife


Belle is the most beautiful girl in the village


That makes her the best


But she's so well-read


And you're so athletically inclined


Yes but ever since the war I've felt like I've been missing something


And she's the only girl that gives me that sense of

Mmm je ne sais quoi


I don't know what that means


Right from the moment when I met her saw her


I said she's gorgeous and I fell


Here in town there's only she


Who is beautiful as me

So I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle


Look there he goes

Isn't he dreamy

Monsieur Gaston

Oh he's so cute


Be still my heart

I'm hardly breathing

He's such a tall dark strong and handsome brute




Good day

Mais oui

You call this bacon

What lovely flowers

Some cheese

Ten yards

One pound

Excuse me

I'll get the knife

Please let me through

This bread

Those fish

It's stale

They smell

Madame's mistaken

Well maybe so

There must be more than this provincial life

Just watch I'm going to make Belle my wife


Look there she goes

That girl is strange but special

A most peculiar mademoiselle


It's a pity and a sin


She doesn't quite fit in


'Cause she really is a funny girl

A beauty but a funny girl

She really is a funny girl


That Belle


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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