100 Different Ways

KiD Ink, Hardhead26 Oct 2016

100 Different Ways - Kid Ink (墨童)/Hardhead/Vee tha Rula

It's 100 different ways get a young n**ga high

Been doin' all of 'em the same time

Seen 'em go broke and I seen some die

But it ain't been enough to change my mind

I'm gone


Lost in the crowd

Blunts and bottles keep tossin' around

Feel like both feet off of the groud


It's 100 different ways we could take your chick

How many shots can you take from the fifth

It's now or never baby take your pick

Rocketshipshawty I take off quick like woo

Blowin' that smoke in the air

We load it open we share

With me ain't nobody sober in here


It's 100 different ways


It's 100 different ways


It's 100 different ways


I got my ways


I got my ways

365 there's not enough days

For me to get paid but n**ga I'm tryin'

I can't sit back and recline

I can't go back into time

No Marty McFly I can't go back to the slum

Village of villains and n**gas sellin' them dimes

That sh*t could f**k up your mind

Or it could turn men into mice

You know the line money ain't everythin'

But it made all my problems disappear like a f**kin' mirage

Treatin' champagne by the boat

Burnin' and makin' one hell of a toast

I got my ways hop on the wave

Teach you to swim baby show you the stroke

Since I lost my virginity I been like

F**k you pay me everyday pay day

Bet you the girl that I lost it to

Tell b**ches she hit it first just like she Ray J

I swear that she work at the club

Now I threw her a 100

One hand in the air not the Nae Nae

Not play date if she wanna kick it like Pele


It's 100 different ways ways


Yea yea


It's 100 different ways woo


Back in the woo woo


It's 100 different ways

And I'm on number 9

Prolly' on a few drugs all at the same time

Couple hoes walkin' in p**sy poppin' for a n**ga

Couple n**gas poppin' shots no bottle for the liquor

I'm gone

I'm gone lost in the mansion

4 in the mornin' got some texts still advancin'

Pull up to her spot with a bag no trash bands

Mr I don't give a f**k you ain't gotta ask me sh*t

Sh*t been with the sh*t

Gettin' all this money I'mma spend all this sh*t

All these Hollywood hoes b**ch been on my dick

Goin' 0 100 hope the car don't flip

I'm gone

I'm gone all around the globe

Collectin' passport stamps like Pokemon Go

More more broke nights TV in the house up by the stove

Walk in any store now buy anythin' I want

Most of these rappers be lyin' to win

While me and my n**gas been winnin'

Beginnin' to gettin' to actin' to

Closin' conditions it's different

You act like you don't but your b**ch know the difference

No clothes in the gap so allow me to ditch them myself

And I help you for instance you b**ches

Are interest for bein' a hashtag

And the Lord is my witness

It's 100 different ways


It's 100 different ways


Woo woo


It's 100 different ways

And I know where to get it


I haven't been lost in a minute


These ghetto boys never had nothin'

So we gon' hotbox in that Benley


We used to fly through the houses


Run out then hop over the fences

That's what you get you shouldn't had a nice house n**ga

Dirty boots like f**k your couch n**ga


Pass that don't call time out

At the top tryna help my n**gas climb out

Baby boy you with us we at your mom's house

Don't lose your mind hope that you n**gas find out

Pound for pound my bars on lock down

When I see the w**d get happy start yellin' like James Brown

Drive slow like I'm from H Town

If you wanna get up then stay down

What the f**k's the difference

Hustlin' pimpin' murder mittin'

Bust the pistols f**k you stack my ducks to 100 digits

'Fore I kick the bucket need a bucket to piss in

We ain't had sh*t but spaghetti


Everythin' could go with baby ready


She said that I'm a God Macavelli

Got scars on my bars oh Lord I'm a legend


Buffalo sauce on my lips


You prolly' never heard it just forget it

I'm lookin' good on every single edit

Kiss the p**sy I'm the player and the paramedic


Ball hard while I'm gettin' paid


Think smart get your dollar saved

And do a lil bit of everythin'


It's 100 different ways


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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