That's A Man

Jack Ingram23 Mar 2018

Saw a story on the local news last night

About one more struggling single mother

She was talking about how hard it is getting by

With no help no money no nothing from the baby's father

Made me think about this guy I know with a wife and a child

Who's working two jobs just to get by

Yeah he says he'd do anything he could in this world

Just to give his young family a better life; yeah a better life

Oh that's a man

That's a 19-year-old modern-day hero man

Those two young Marines over there fighting for their country

Man they're gonna be friends forever

They've both come back eventually

But as bonds and destiny would have it

They don't come back together

Yeah the one who lived to tell about

Why he can't even talk about it

Keeps fighting that fight up there in his head

Ain't a day goes by he don't wonder why

Why it wasn't me instead

It could've been me instead

Oh that's a man

That's a you don't know how hard he tried to save his buddy's life man

I don't know about you


Sometimes I just need a little reminder

I'll be working through this world with plans and results Yes I have

No and never hurt a man to try to be a better man

And reach down and find some understanding

Find some kind of kindness

Read about a man who said his family

Had been farming the same land in Ohio for 100 years

Felt like he'd paid for it ten times over

With his own blood his own sweat and his own tears

If he had to he'd be out there on that tractor working

Seven long hot days a week

Yeah he's the kind of feller that people get real quiet

When he stands up in church to speak

They know when he speaks

Oh that's a man

That's a stand tall walk straight

Put God's share in the collection plate man


Oh that's a man

Oh that's a man


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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