Next Stop Anywhere

Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Eden Espinosa11 Apr 2019

Next Stop Anywhere - Eden Espinosa/Zachary Levi/Mandy Moore

Lyrics by:Glenn Slater

Composed by:Alan Menken

I wanna break every rule and 'cross every line

I wanna show all the stars how stars oughta shine

I wanna do as I please

And knock the world to it's knees

And go wherever the breeze is going

Next stop anywhere

Got a whole wide world to see

Nothing's stopping me

Next stop anywhere

'Cause there's so much waiting

I know it's waiting

I feel it waiting out there


We're gonna toss out the maps and follow the sun

We're gonna place our own path and go on the run

We're gonna get out and do what nobody's done

There's so much out there to do we've barely begun

We're gonna take every dare

And feel the wind in our hair

With no one telling us where we're going

Next stop anywhere

If you're there I'm gonna be where I wanna be

Next stop anywhere

And the world is calling it keeps on calling

Just think of all that we'll share


Next stop anywhere

Got a feeling things'll be happening suddenly

Next stop anywhere

Gonna chase my destiny find the best in me

Next stop anywhere

'Cause it's time we went to be where we're meant to be

Next stop anywhere

And the world is waiting

I feel it waiting

It's all just waiting out there





***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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