Prince17 Aug 2018

Get Dirty At the club were in

Use it around your waist like a chain within

I got that call so i jumped in my car

I love you baby

But not like I Love my Guitar


Not like i love my Guitar

You couldn't do it all by yourself

You had to go and get somebody else

Your High enough to call me

But you cant reach the phone

I love you baby

But not like i love my guitar


Not like i love my guitar

Turn it up

I tried to warn you

That its hard to be a star

Especially when your driving other peoples car

Would of gave you mine girl

But you took it to far

I Love you baby

Just not like i love my guitar

I know you love me

And you want to be Friends

And if you don't at least you need to pretend

We'll still be together

If we don't get that far

I love you baby but not like i love this guitar

I love you baby and i wish you well

I'll write a letter when i learn how to spell

I love you baby 'you know the rest



***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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