Beck18 Jun 1996

Inferno - Beck (拜克)

Ease yourself on down

And if you're bound and frowned

You better put it on down

'Cause 4am gonna hit it again

Leaving dollar bills on the buffalo hills


The moon's eye is frozen shut

These vacant lanes unknown uncut

Shredded up and sold for seed

Another tribute sent to a backwards breed

Hear those buzzards flap their heaps

Up above where skies are cheap

For pioneers with chandeliers

Darkened arks in diamond ears

Through those rusty windows

Traffics shoot like venom

Static addicts

Causing us to fly like sticks

Fumes of flags and endless wicks


Habit trails of garbage pails

I search and strip my stale grails

And when it's time to strike the blues

I gotta let my jive and jackass fuse

This pollution is electrocution

Riffs and rags no resolution

My wagon limps a miser's pace

On borrowed fuels of lice and lace

Hail to the mother man

Can't stand the soul can

Cold sweat tiger tan

Sold my gold and left this land

Vaccination cancellation

Tuning in to the two bit station

Alkaline batteries shot

Summer's all tied in the hangman's know


Oh yeah


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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