Album Country Love Songs from 群星

Country Love Songs

群星17 Nov 2009 8 songs

Country Love Songs

Ok, the songs by themselves are good...provided i'm listening to them on the ORIGINAL CD in which it was recorded. The recording quality is horrible. My speakers are almost all the way up and still it's at a quiet volume. At different points in the song, it will get a bit louder, then the sound goes back down to a whisper. So, if you're looking to score 3 CD's for the price of ONE good quality CD, please save your money...or just spend a little extra and buy the regular CD's themselves. If I didn't order it myself, I would've thought this was bought at a flea market. Oh yeah...that reminds me--also, some of the songs sound like the artists are singing into a box...too much echo. So not worth the money!!
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