CYBERSITY (Explicit) 歌詞


Composed by:Бересневич Иван Николаевич




I'm tired when you boast a boy as soon as you come on the say

Tried every chance that I get when you show your grip

Take me out of that ghetto boy bet I be no making this

Cause I'm not type of girl that likes some wine with some apple bits

Take me to the home take me to the movies ******

Don't try to play that hard

Type your ******* with the gold digger

Empty out your pocket out your cheeze

Can go with some mine

Do it quick do it fast

All I see is dollar sign

Cracking what you get

All you money that you have is banked to the Tommy Records

See I just give my DVD

Smoke ***** skeleton real ***** super howl

Other making mine I was down for another dollar

Money is my name and before you camma in my face

Pretty boy no pretty boy happy boy just gotta pay

Look up in my eyes can you see the size of grip


MC money on this beat need just weight me out all your cheese