Spilt Milk

Tellaman1 Feb 2019

Spilt Milk(Skit) - Tellaman

Lyrics by:Thelumusa Samuel Owen

Composed by:Thelumusa Samuel Owen


Hey hi dude

I'm fine thanks what's about your self

Yes Tina

Hey how you

I'm good

Tht's good that it's been working

Oh really happy for you think

I'm really coming togather for you

Thank you

Look I'm I'm not disturb

I'm anyways one when it is possible

To see you know

Like may be have some much a sample

Tell her I don't lie

It possibe at the moment

I'm really really busy

Bside rether one

To go back to huge in a war

You really was one helpy

Come on I'm trying

Like I do I'm

I just wanna see you

He like talk for bea


Ok may be I if I feel

But I need to go now

Take care


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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