DaBaby1 Nov 2018

4x ((Explicit)) - DaBaby/Stunna 4 Vegas

Lyrics by:Jonathan Kirk/Khalick Caldwell/Antwain Fox

Composed by:Jonathan Kirk/Khalick Caldwell/Antwain Fox

Produced by:Producer 20

Just got off the phone with my partner

He told me he need three I told him

I got him ha

You probably ain't heard how I'm rockin'

I'll beat yo' a*s up leave my gun

In my pocket yeah

Just went up on my prices you dig I went up

Keep a gun wit' no license you dig

Off the top I ain't writin' this s**t uh-uh

I keep a glock I ain't fightin' you b***h

Yeah I'm tryna strike him come here

I got s**t on lock rikers on lock

Sent the dm she think that I like her uh-huh

I just want some good head she want titles that neck

Got my music on apple and tidal ha

I got the juice like I'm snapple I'm viral ha-ha

She sucked my dick for a pic uh-huh

I smack her a*s give her dick dick dick

I'll turn your a*s to a lick b***h

We hop off the sprinter with sticks

We came for a show but these rods ain't for show

N***a do the wrong thing and we endin' his s**t on gang

Bruh hop off the stage then we fallin' uh

N***a reach is you tryna go viral P***y

He get beat to sleep for playin' tough in the club

He won't remember tomorrow gang

I'm a real-I'm a real blockstar uh-huh

Stunna man got the block bumpin' uh-huh

My name in the streets like I popped somethin' yeah

N***a play with my name have the block jumpin' uh-uh

Your b***h on my dick when I drop somethin' ooh

You ain't hit no licks n***a stop frontin' uh-uh

I ain't tryna lip box

I'm tryna knock him out the frame stunna gon'

Crop somethin' come here

Lookin' for his b***h like he lost somethin' where she at

She wit' me I got my feet up ha ha

My dick on the plate make her eat up eat

He can still get a p bro they cheap ha

A trapper turned rapper

Been losin' my plays 'cause

I've been out of town for a week d**n

Too busy I can't pick my phone up I can't

Don't argue with hoes b***h we grown-ups yeah

I walk it out DJ unk walk it out

Got that fire on me not f**k with trump got that fire

Do my dance on your main she gon' f**k

N***a play with the gang if you want yeah

I'll do a show get you hit get you hit

Hundred twenty-five hoes on my dick twenty-five

I bumped into your swoop she a goner she gone

She wasn't my type of boo I ain't want her uh-uh

Passed it down through the crew here go stunna okay

Uh bro send that pack off like a punter trap

I son that boy like his uncle b***h

He claimin' somethin' we puttin' him under come here

We beat down his block like some drummers wham

No thug I'm really with gunners slime

Ayy I'm in her mouth like a sucker ooh

I use her face I won't nut on the covers thot thot

Four times these b***hes love me four times

See me with dababy now they wanna f**k me gang

And if I do b***h you lucky ooh

Ha I bet he gon' die if he touch me wham

Four times four times four times

Pop your s**t n***a pop your s**t go 'head

Four times

Pop your s**t

Blank blank

Pop it

Blank blank

Pop your s**t talk your s**t

Yeah hottest young n***a doin' this s**t b***h b***h

Four way you get this s**t the glo way

Hallway rundown God way grahh

That's why I f**k wit' n***a

That's why I f**k wit' that

That's why I f**k wit' that n***a right there


He gon' pop his s**t you hear me

Real talk I'm the best motherf**kin' rapper stunna

The best young n***a rapper b***h we takin' over

Blank blank


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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