Future20 Jan 2019

F&N (Explicit) - Future

Lyrics by:Nayvadius Wilburn

Composed by:Nayvadius Wilburn

808 mafia

F**k around parked the

'Vette and didn't even get back in it

Atl jacob atl jacob

Redbone b***h yeah like hi-tech yeah

How do I dress yeah like my flesh yeah

Soon as I roll up put my doors up

Go'n head pour up roll a few o's up let's go

Four by four that tall s**t let's go

I jumped in the spot on a tall b***h let's go

I told 'em to get out and bag that let's go

I'm frank lucas and mad max let's go

I'm high from yesterday yesterday high from yesterday

Put 'em on bean yeah put 'em on all the schemes yeah

Put 'em on lean yeah they whippin'

Them new machines yeah

By any means yeah

We gotta clear out the scene yeah

I just took an A K to a dinner date

I just put some VVS in a Richard face

And the presidential is a day-date

Hit 'em with that chopper first Ray J

I'm a well known nuisance and my b***h bad

Pop one perc' then you lean like kickstand

Skeleton A P that's a wristband

All these n***as shaky might as well dance

I don't trust him we gon' dust him

That's on taliban

Big foreign truck it's lift up like an avalanche

I'll teach you how to finesse for some big bands

I got so many white b***hes Ku Klux Klan

I come with the pharmacy come with the yopper

No harmin' me no no

Put a lil' hit on your head they comin'

To get you they slicin' your throat

Put a lil' b***h in the bed we goin'

Digital wipin' her nose

E moh H money over hoes

I got that H in front of the lil' boat

Got dog food and it's for the low

I'm with thoroughbred standin' at the store

In expensive threads head to the floor

I know they talkin' s**t 'cause they some hoes

You know them Fn bullets go through doors

F and N F and N F and N F and N

F and N


F and N F and N F and N

F and N F and N

Homicide for the brodie

You beat a body get a rollie

We don't entertain no police

I'm certified with my dodie

They would catch hell 'bout woadie

Got a bigger scale for the dodie

I done met friends in dolce

We done met and chopped it up on some cool s**t uh

Only time my slime talk murder's

On the cruise ships uh

Got that cutter and it's longer than a pool stick uh

Straight face no dates

I'm a heavyweight

I ain't even gotta tell my dawgs

To keep one in the chamber

Ready to take it off your shoulder frustration and anger

Yeah they get it don't approach us

F**k bein' famous

Long as I got my

Long as I got my

Long as I got my

Long as I got my

Let's go

F and N F and N

F and N F and N

These bullets they be goin' through doors

Drop low get down on the floor

Young n***a they gon' 'head and wipe your nose

F and N F and N

F and N F and N

F and N F and N

F and N F and N

F and N F and N

F and N F and N

F and N F and N

F and N


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