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Comin' Right Up

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Comin' Right Up Lyrics

Comin' Right Up - Bruce Willis

One two three hit it boy oh oh


May I take your order


Bourbon rocks splash of water


Comin' right up comin' right up


All alone Don't be nervous


Bruno's here baby


I'm at your service


Tending your cup sit down belly up


Ask for anything and I'll say "yup


Comin' right up" I'll be right with you


Need a match On the double


Sulphur preparation


That's no trouble


Comin right up


I got that comin right up


What's that Am I free later


Let me put it this way


Does a comet leave a crater


I'll check my book my my

What luck a bottle of our

Best champagne comin' right up


We toasted everything


That's worth imagining


She told me stories

That would melt a stone


I managed to just keep

A hold of myself


She blew a little kiss


So shy and sensuous


Then disappeared into the night alone


She left a map on a ten-dollar bill

Underneath her glass in a vodka spill Oh


Midnight I pushed the buzzer


Guessed right cause it was her


Ninety-ninth floor: "Baby

It's Bruno I'll be right up"


Uh uh Nice lobby Sixty nine


Seventy nine eighty nine


Oh here we are: ninety nine


I knock I take a look in high heels


Dinner cookin'


"Yes thank you make mine a

Manhattan bone dry


Don't forget that little cherry on top "


Comin' right comin' right up


Comin' right up


This is delicious

You made it yourself uh


Mmm yeah comin' right up

Come here

Let me fix that seem


In the back of your stocking baby