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For You

Tony X12 Jul 2018

For You Lyrics

You prolly donno

You got exactly what I like

I can’t deny, you’re worth it

Even with your flaws

I cannot lie you are my type

Fit like a glove you’re perfect

And everytime I find myself with someone new

I cannot help but think how life would be if she was you

I know you think there’s plenty women I can choose, in my eyes you’re my Beyoncé,


You know, I know, we know

Around me you’re comfortable

I know you’re insecure

I want you to let it go

Take a chance baby

Let’s romance baby

Always in my plans baby

Just want you to know, I really would change for you


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Gugu D

This the type of song that makes you miss being in a relationship😭

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whats your fav from tony x ??