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Poem for My Little Lady

Kenny Rogers23 Dec 2013

Poem for My Little Lady Lyrics

Poem for My Little Lady - Kenny Rogers (肯尼·罗杰斯)

She's young and soft and kind

And she deserves a whole lot better


Than a guitar picking drifter


Who never gave a damn


And if loving me is all

She ever wants some gonna let her

And I've tried to be kind of man

She thinks I am

She makes those little kitten sounds


And ( that ) trembles when I love her

She makes me feel so bad and strong in me

She whispers how she can not wait

To be my baby's mother

She's the only glimpse of God

I've ever seen


Her mama sure had warned her

Never take out with a poet

For poets travel rocky roads


In search of truth and life

I'm the only blemish on

Her virgin soul but she don't know it

And I thank the Lord she's lying gentle

By my side tonight


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