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I Love my Choppa

Tay-K31 Dec 2016

I Love my Choppa Lyrics


You already know how the **** we rocking, my *****

Rugrat s**t, man

I was cruisin' down the street, four deep (Rug-Rat!)

Three b*****s, one yoppa on me (buck, buck, buck!)

And the yoppa might as well be a fiend (well be a fiend)

'Cause it got two arms and some feet (two arms and some feet)

'Cause it wake up in the morning and it eat (grr)

I love my choppa and I think it love me (love me)

Prolly 'cause I let that ***** do what it please (skrt, skrt!)

Call a hitter, 'cause he gon shoot for free (yurr heard)

Let me hush, that’s between him and me

R.I.P. Eazy-E (gang!)

****** actin' like b*****s, man these ****** act like fe's (lil' *****)

Choppa with extensions (gang), ***** boy get on your knees

Money counter count it up, fffff, beep (gang, gang)

I don’t tote no choppa, ***** the choppa tote me (with my gang)

I might just pop ya, watch your talking to me

Yoppa have him Blood walkin' on the scene

Yoppa have the blood poppin' out yo jeans

Boy you ****** love talking, yoppa's scream (talk dead)

Tote F&N Five-Seven but I'm 16

He think he hard, well, that choppa beat his meat (eugh)

My momma insane and my daddy OG (bang, bang)

So I’m insane, I don’t know what to think

I’m EBK, I’ll put anything to sleep

I love my choppa and her parents wanna meet

I love my choppa and I think she love me