Listen to Rain (feat. $ean Wire) song with lyrics from Sebastian Mikael

Rain (feat. $ean Wire)

Sebastian Mikael, $ean Wire5 Apr 2019

Rain (feat. $ean Wire) Lyrics


Rain - Sebastian Mikael/$ean Wire

Look rain on my windowpane

Reflect the faults in my life

It's ironic I said you fake depression and look at me now

Look at me now I'm stuck in my mind my mind

And I'm tryna put it back in motion

Oh oh baby

See it's kind of hard to function

With this d**e in my veins

Goin' broke these days

On a hiatus tryna put it back in motion

Motion yeah

Thank god for this moment of revelation

Lost with the odds against me

I'm alive and well

Oh I can't forget I died back

When bottle talk was in me

To your surprise I'm selfish but that's okay

In my book you got the cards I dealt with ooh ayy

Life's on my shoulders watch out

Shy camera risin' hash touch

These eyes all on you watch that

Ain't hidin' from a thing now

Best believe that I saw I saw


I'll turn that to diamonds up there too fast

Locked up with your privates I'm like who's that

She loves attention always always always

Always always

Always always always

Yeah fame thought it would ease the pain

Got close the closer you kicked it

And not seein' what's in front of you

Was an opening your blessings got your name right on it

Too busy playing this game

Ain't nothin' waitin' on you

Save yourself

Gettin' help's the only way up out it

'Bout it you gotta

Put it back in motion

Put it back in motion yeah yeah

You tell me to open up more

I feel like I've been too woke

Scared I'm becomin' hateful

All in my dome all in my dome

Can tell that I've been broken

Still in repair I'm focused

Out of f**ks out of luck

Roll one up anything to lift me up

Tell me to open up more

Scared I'm becomin' hateful

All in my

All in my head yeah