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Winter's Night

Joshua Hyslop16 Nov 2018

Winter's Night Lyrics


Winter's Night - Joshua Hyslop

Composed by:Joshua Hyslop

Produced by:Digory Smallz/Joshua Hyslop

Got around the lobs and start a fire

It's cold and crisp and wrapped in white

Ending other now the Summers here

Sing the songs and drink the wine

Smell the burning thousand pines

Think of loved ones as we gather near

It's almost here

Family around and stories old

I bring the tree in from the cold

Count the day until the coming morn

Chocolate mountain in our mugs

Children sitting on the rug

Tell the story of the baby born

On Christmas morn

On Christmas morn

All the stars are shinning down the signs of unite

Sleep as hard to find but for the time

Hills around and valleys around are blanketed in white

Tomorrow will be up before the sun

It's Christmas

It's Christmas


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