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Glory of War

Rick Ross, Anthony Hamilton30 Jun 2017

Glory of War Lyrics

Glory of War - Rick Ross/Anthony Hamilton

Written by:William Leonard Roberts II/Anthony Hamilton/Francis Ubiera/Lonnie Liston Smith

Stevie Wonder on the pianos


Geechi Liberace in the building


Ray Charles on the flute


Sway I follow policies


Always give her game every time she swallow me


But you gotta hit the chart at least


Seen a lot of young MCs even die for peace


Niggas posting pictures while I'm posted in belize


Spent those lonely rainy nights just praying on my knees


Being overseas is a daily routine

Young niggas traveling the world that's just been in our genes

Put the gang together now you niggas traumatized


Kilos and koofis during Ramadan


Scramble like I'm #9 during the summertime

Doubling back #1 I'm doubling back around


Drop DC Ford then shut Atlantic Down

8 figure ni**a tell me how those numbers sound


Hit the Bay and let Berna know that I want a pound

In LA get the Bentley truck just to run around


305 ni**a 'til they gun me down


Little kids in the streets gotta come in the house


When the shots ring even cops pause


Niggas full of bullet holes which is not boss

Funny how a rich ni**a was so poor at mouth


Make it rain shorty better throw it back


It's leather 80 bands

Middle of the floor time for the money dance


It's a time for politics and it's a time to kill


Fast break and we coming like the Cavaliers


I could turn a ni**a city to a battlefield


And my biggest flaw really was my lack of fear


Big ducky he 2000


Tony in h town with the coupes out

These my niggas on call and we bring the suits out


Pool party it's popping like Uncle Luke house


Fake niggas it's time that we pull ya skirts up


At the table and p**sy niggas ain't worth nothing

Couple shooters gotta keep 'em in a line


Nothing really than still alive


Niggas body dropping like a holocaust


The glory of war really your mama loss


First time all your kids got to play together


Holding hands bow our heads let us play together

Play together play together play together


Funny how a rich ni**a was so poor at math


Make it rain shorty better throw it back


It's leather bed 80 bands

Middle of the floor time for the money dance


I cut off some more friends and family members

Hope they know I'm the raw ni**a a cold villain


Haters still hating 50 million later


I'mma tell you like a player better get some paper


Still can't believe it all as I walk my halls


Rarely speak to these niggas screaming free my dogs

Little homie didn't rob but he took the charge


Day county niggas still behind them bars


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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