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Hood Billionaire

Rick Ross23 Nov 2014

Hood Billionaire Lyrics

Hood Billionaire - Rick Ross

Kilo at the telly b**ch it's makiaveli

Double m empire I know these niggas fear me

I'm already rich I'm tired of bein' famous

I done f**ked all these b**ches I can't even name 'em

But if the b**ch is bad bring her yellow stone on my finger

Mink coat mine cheetah before I f**k I'm gon' eat her

All I talk is that cash versace all in my bag


D**e all in my vein hoes hollin' my name

White T still pimpin Lenox mall in a Bentley


He a f**kboy that's simple I ain't into what he into


Hoes wave to my window keep a pile of that endo

I always got bond money you don't know what I've been through


Carol city niggas still 187


Lil' Haiti niggas still 211


Open lockin' niggas still got them quarters


Overtime niggas billionaire still movin' water

Let me show you how to get right whip an ounce of that white

Fast forward to a brick now you livin' that life

I can get you out of my hood I'm a billionaire in my hood


Tryna buy a piece of the dolphins 5% of them good


Now I think I'm don shula

Pull up with 20 b**ches on the hundred footer


All white me gusta oh hallelujah


Oh hallelujah oh I maneuver


Memphis niggas still get it right tennessee


Mississippi niggas still get it right las vegas

Florida boys know we gonna get it right


Alabama hustlers you gon' get it right


I went and bought your b**ch a washer and a dryer

Seen it in your son's face I'm who he admires


Rules of the game jack of all trades


Icy on the court at the basketball games


Ni**a tell your pops I got a million dollar watch


All you fake watch bustas I'm the one to watch


Rolls Royce fake and my two yachts fake

30 franchises show you what this pot make


Make the most in the ghost f**k huffington Post

Young brother rolls Belaire rose I'm makin' a toast


At the Heat game talkin' all cash

Still tweetin' while ya'll eatin' out of our trash


Chitown niggas we gon' get it right detroit


New York niggas time to get it right Jersey waddap

Philly niggas know we gon' get it right


Dreamchasers we gon' get it right


Shoot and run we gon' get it right


305 niggas we gon' get it right


20 for the bird better get it right


Got a bag of money ni**a get it right


If you owe me somethin' better get it right


Hood billionaire time to get it right


Hundred million ni**a 'til I get it right


Hundred million ni**a 'til I get it right


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