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Something Wonderful

Elaine Paige3 Aug 2013

Something Wonderful Lyrics

Something Wonderful - Elaine Paige (忆莲·佩姬)

This is a man who thinks with his heart


His heart is not always wise


This is a man who stumbles and falls


But this is a man who tries


This is a man you'll forgive and forgive


And help and protect as long as you live


He will not always say


What you would have him say


But now and then he'll say

Something wonderful


The thoughtless things he'll do


Will hurt and worry you


Then all at once he'll do


Something wonderful


He has a thousand dreams


That won't come true


You know that he believes in them


And that's enough for you


You'll always go along


Defend him when he's wrong


And tell him when he's strong


He is wonderful


He'll always need your love


And so he'll get your love


A man who needs your love



Can be wonderful