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Grew Up

50 Cent28 Aug 2014

Grew Up Lyrics

Grew Up - 50 Cent (50美分)

Take 45 45



Shape shape


So what I grew up with them n***as

I ain't stuck wit them n***as

We from the same hood

But I don't f**k wit them n***as

If s**t pop off

I touch one of them n***as

Cut one of them n***as

Poke one of them n***as

Beg for mercy number 4

I'm so Hood

First lp 10 million sold I'm so good

I thought n***as would love to see me shine

But it's makin' them sick

To see me gettin' mines

Got that Benz got that Bentley and the new Bugatti

Got the Range after partin wit the new Ferrari

If it's makin' you sick

To see me blow I'm sorry

Dude we used to be cool

But I ain't stuck wit you n***a

I grew up wit you n***a

But I don't f**k wit you n***a

Got shot in the back

Den turned around and got shot in the eye

Labels 2Pac lay down and die

There's a message in my music can you hear it God

The mans never gonna blow

Another reason why

This disease infested

When I spit it any n***a can get it

Punks frontin' in they rhymes

That ass'll be flatlined

Can't we all just get along we used to be friends

Nah f**k that man

We used to pretend

These n***as is comedians

I thought I was tight funny

5 called tellin' n***as mugged me

Bet on my new surreal s**t

Would you bail a n***a out son

If you n***as knew he was tryin' to kill you

And wouldn't let you hold a gun

Think about it

Haha ha

Aw man

I'm havin' too much fun with this rap s**t man

I love this s**t man

Pull upon pull upon

Pull upon pull upon

They must say

They must say

One and sh*t

One and sh*t


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