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Lend Me an Ear

The D.O.C.30 Aug 2005

Lend Me an Ear Lyrics


A little bit better than dopest

A brand new kid in showbiz

With knowledge I persevere

But now do me a favor, lend me an ear

And we can find the rhyme to fill in space

And drop the bass with a taste of light

Lyrical perfection,

See I'm equipped to um

Open your mind like a Christmas gift

It's '89, the new school is needed

Originals, see nobody can do it like we did

The D O to the C O,

A deuce not a trio

Me o, mi o, spin a chump like a gyro

Hard, dangerous, suckers angle this

Cut is raw, why?

Cause they can't handle this

Loot to bring,

And I take a second to rock the rhythm

And stay smooth like a prism

A Portrait of a Masterpiece, It's Funky Enough

Cause Dre told me it has to be

A little stronger, to I make not a mistake

I'm too much on the hype tip, Dre break


Circle an answer, it's a multiple choice

Who's the kid with the golden voice?

A, the brother upon this song

B and C, I don't know,

But that answer's wrong

Pure simplicity, it's the D O to the C

Most incredible, unforgettable

On a mission, the man kids want to be

Like that, cause I'm one in a mil

Hype producer, creator, maker

Making it now but I'll do it for you later

In the mix Dre put his hands on

Now that's a hell of a song

I show and tell what should be told

And say it with conviction

And proper use of diction

So that it's easy to understand

(Who can do it better?) Huh, no one can

'88 is gone, and all you big shots

Have graduated, in other words made it

So it's a new year to start a new time

You need to know what's on my mind

So lend me an ear


Hold the riff, sucker,

Cause we don't need that

It's so don't standing

And my mic don't feed back

Break, you're broke,

He got up and forgot

I drop science, and put his neck in a knot

Trying to hold what can't be held

So the punk records jam,

I don't give a damn

I do it in a different class, so what's up?

You wanna break?

You're all the threat of a buttercup

As knowledge coming,

I'm coming never sleep or slip

I fall on the serious tip

Stop and stutter trying to think,

Your brain is soft

Words are clogged in your throat,

You're coughing on

The boss, straight from the South

Word is bond from word of mouth

So let the nation be hip to the fact

That I'm the great one

Until I sung, no damage done

Peace, a dream we all dream together

D**e forever together in a nation of one

Rising and showing no fear

Yo, lend me a motherf**king ear


Lend Me An Ear - The D.O.C.



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