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Gone (Live)

Rosé1 Jun 2021

Gone (Live) Lyrics

Lyrics by:Brian Lee/J. Lauryn/TEDDY/Rosé

Composed by:24/Brian Lee

All my love is gone and the hate has grown

Standing all alone and I'm searching for something


But I can't feel nothin'

I pack my bags and go

This don't feel like home

Too much darkness for a rainbow

I feel so used

How am I supposed to live without you

I refuse yeah

I just wanna be the one

But to you we're already done

Tell me why'd you have to hit and run me

Now I'm all alone crying ugly

You broke my heart just for fun

Took my love and just left me numb

Now it's 8 in the morning

Hate in the morning

All because of you

Another story that's sad and true

I can feel the pain can you

You had to be the one to let me down

To color me blue

Hate to see you with someone new

I'll put a curse on her and you

Ain't no looking back now you're dead and gone

My love is gone too


All my love is gone


All my love is gone


All my love is gone


All my love is gone



Now you're dead and gone