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Do Miracles

Chita Rivera, Kirsti Carnahan6 Apr 1993

Do Miracles Lyrics

I Do Miracles (From "Kiss of the Spider Woman") - Chita Rivera/Kirsti Carnahan

I do miracles


Though the lash of the whip

Has caused your flesh to tear


I will place my lips on you everywhere


And I'll do miracles




On your slender hips




Underneath your eyes




On your firm young thighs


Let me kiss it away


So that i can hear you say


That I do miracles


Though your breath racks your ribs

And you throb with pain


There's a juice on my lips

For each purple stain


And my hair sweeps your chest


Like the cool black rain


You can't explain though you will see


I do miracles


I do miracles in me


I do miracles


I do miracles


As I cradle you close and caress each bruise


What I've come here to give


You must not refuse


There is love in my touch that is yours to use


And if you chose just breath my name


And I'll be doing miracles


I do miracles



There are miracles in me