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Furiously Dangerous

Ludacris, Slaughterhouse, Claret Jai3 May 2011

Furiously Dangerous Lyrics


We're so furiously dangerous

Furiously dangerous

We're so furiously dangerous

Furiously dangerous

Fur- fur -fur- fur

Death by lyrical injection

I kill you rappers

A lot of green with a yellow complexion

Women call me the Green Bay packer

I pack the zero's

Meaning mucho deniro

So paid rappers is waitin' on trades and they all get Knicked like Melo

Hello LUDA

Tell theses other boys double up

'Cause I got some work all on my waist but I call it a tummy tuck

My every records jumpin' or playin' double dutch

I sh*t on rappers every verse just got the bubble guts

Let me tell this to the people not understandin' my moxy

Animal watch me

If you think it's tangible stop me

But then I hit 'em with a flow that they can't even copy

See we don't play that

Where I'm from it's like fantasy hockey

Sup with the dog thugs want a war

Bad jean what you want to trade slugs with 'em for

While you cuffin' em more I'm stuffin' the jaw

Illegal for you to reworking Kevin Love on the board dog

You and your skills on my squad

I put you on a crash course in a smart car

Going speeding not relying on the brake pad

The car you still drive on the race track

So you lying bout your feelings and the Maybach

A ghost tail for the Phantoms face facts

We ruin hip hop slaughterhouse and payback

In the shape of a tatt you done faded to black


We're so furiously dangerous

Furiously dangerous

We're so furiously dangerous

Furiously dangerous

Fur- fur -fur- fur

I went from eating top ramen to being top rhymer

Check full of commas

No regrets except for the drama

I remember a time when my only perfection was my momma

My mind in the wrong direction

Now it's time ya bow down in

Writ in my honour cause b**ch I'm bonker plural

In a whip with my Ivanka pompous girl

She on E feeling on me singing on key


While I'm bumping We Are The World

Got a sniff from Britney no he didn't did he


"We run this town"

No he didn't did he

I feel like tinting the glass

You take a sip with me

She from the city of Jackson

I call her Mississippi that was pretty witty

Demand like a black man tryna get re-elected

He ain't get it did he

to the pedal

Pedal to the floor

Just whippin' it through the ghetto

Metal in the door case I gotta throw some lead into ya boy

Referee mind state I'm settling the score

I don't know what ya'll hating for

Wait wait know what matter fact

I don't know what you're waiting for

I ain't finna say nothing turn the bass up more til the speakers pop

I get a kick outta that like a sneakers spot

See I was a little kid with his thumbs in his ears

And his tongue in his ear going na-na-na-nah-naaar

Just when you think it stop na-na-na-nah-naaar

Everything I speak is hot

But bont be mad at least everything you speak is

I can't think of nothing nice to say you're not nice okay

Rapper hustler entrepreneur

My sh*t fly like I'm launching manure

Lord of the underground God of the saw

On Hennessy black to the jaw

Yeah I'm off the block

This ain't work call me "I'm off the block"

I'm a syllable Hannibal killer cannibal

With a mechanical manual to deliver the flammable ammo

Lyrical and I'm off the top

Rep that West till I walk with Pac

We the 2 0 Boys quick fricken Joe boys

New gold Rolls Royce fall off the lot

Cock me the only way you can stop me

I'm top seed I pop green at my speed

So watch me if you haven't seen the phenomenom

I speak fast as Lamborghini's in Ramadan

We're so furiously dangerous

Furiously dangerous

We're so furiously dangerous

Furiously dangerous

Fur- fur -fur- fur

I suggest you shut it down

Pack your 'ish and turn around

Because tonight we run this town

So let your feet still swiftly hit the ground

We too dangerous for the World


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