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DMD (Explicit)

Famous Dex6 Apr 2018

DMD (Explicit) Lyrics

DMD - Famous Dex

Famous Dex/Young Nudy:

Yo Pi'erre you wanna come out here




Ayy what's up bro like like

I need you to roll some Woods up you know what I'm sayin'


Ya dig


Dexter what


Dex Meet Dexter ya dig me


Ooh AP wrist


Whoa Dexter

Famous Dex:

Baggin' huh ooh stackin'

F**k your lil' b**ch automatic huh I did

I got my 30 no lackin' you what

40 on me so I'm packin' whoa

Catch me downtown with your b**ch

She doin' dicks

Off the coke and sh*t man she love the sh*t

Up her nose and sh*t

Wait add it add it huh

Smokin' on Woods I don't pass it

N**gas broke they be braggin'

Eighty my wrist for the fashion

Hop in my Lamb and I skrrt huh

Bad b**ch off the Perc a what

I put that money her purse ooh

Run up on me put the holes in your shirt


Y'know what I'm sayin'

Like like I just be gettin' to the money

You know what I'm sayin'


Y'know what I'm sayin'


I really got eighty on my wrist ya know what I'm sayin'

Ha what Dex Meet Dexter haha

F**k your lil' b**ch whatever


Like I be talkin' my sh*t y'know what I'm sayin'


'Chino say talk your sh*t it's the album


Jake roll up woods


Bad b**ch lookin' good


Uh Dexter

Like like wait uh whoa



Off it off it ooh I'm off it

Pop a lil' pill and I'm off it

Got a lil' b**ch up in Boston

Swear to god she be ballin'

Lick on that molly she geekin'

Hop in that Maybach we tweakin'

Hit a corner for no reason

Ice on my wrist you think I'm anemic

Cuffin' that b**ch I'm like for no reason I don't

Yeezy my feet just give me the season a what

Diamonds yellow like it's peein' ooh

Hop in the Ghost I can't see it

Off it huh off it I'm off it

Swear to god b**ch you lost it uh whoa

Pop a pill now I'm off it ooh

Run up on him put him right in a coffin Dexter


Know what I'm sayin' Hahahaha

Ooh huh what huh

Run up on him he lost it

Run up on him put him right in a coffin Dexter

Nah like it's the it's just the Dex Meet Dexter sh*t

Y'know what I'm sayin'


I don't know what's goin' on


But look at my wrist ya dig


Dexter Meet Dexter


What What What



Ooh ooh Dexter yeah

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