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Fear Lyrics


Fear (Explicit) - Swollen Members/Snak the Ripper

I perforate my verses straight 6 o'clock

Reverberate the verbs surround the noun ground the pound the starting block

Martyrs on the rocks disengaged I threw them over

Cliffside from hangman's bluff that's their brains on heavy boulders

Ready the soldier's up parascope Red October

Elves and ogres and hell raisers to focus

On pin head a thin thread is what holds your life together

Nas measure anatomy

Take pleasure in the taxidermy

Your raps whack poetic

You rap whack pathetic

Leave you in a house of wax like a museum figure deadened

Strike a match melt a candle

Blend the ammo with the cammo

with my famo its like third rail to

Prevail make you read brail

And eat nails and swallow glass

Remain anonymous like Rass Kass life's a blast

At total recall you speak in hallow holograms

My tidal wave


We the last of our breed

The actors with masters degrees

I'mma rap to attack and ill feed

The laughter

I capture the last of these thieves

You'll hear laughter



Dastardly deeds Inglorious bastards notorious masters

The last of our breed we are bastards indeed

The last we will smash till you have to believe


Yeah I love god

He has made me very lethal

Destroy evil I don't really like people

Never met an animal I didn't like couldn't bite

Smash a rapper into pieces when I hit a mic

Equip a baseball bat thats full of wooden spikes

Walking down the dim-lit street call me the hooded knight

I drop a match and set a tank full of petroleum

Then moonwalk across Lemoniun its pandemonium

Battle plan is that of an apache resistance

Imagining ten dragons with flags in the distance

Skull and double axes

Troubled brother action

Ninjas doing double back flips on that shit

Social distortion black flags faction

Bad brained wasted youth have interaction

Punk-rock mind-state leopard print

Fresh like peppermint darker than a second tint


Yeah I'm the product of narcotics

Exotic drugs and

Any socia antibiotics

Smoking hydroponics

Bumping ladi-dadi with a 20 year old hottie on my dick doing Pilates

on a tricycle trying to keep up with a Mazerati

Every week catching a body see me dancing on a cop car

Strapped with C4 screaming out Allah Akbar

I'm not afraid of death I'm more afraid of living slow

So I stay driven till my goal is met or till I lose control

Nobody can save me I'm completely out my mind

The only ones that doubt me are completely f**king blind


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