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Townes' Blues

Cowboy Junkies15 Dec 2008

Townes' Blues Lyrics

Townes' Blues - Cowboy Junkies

You're clean as a widow woman's washboard son


Stick it in the wind


Put the mountains to your back

The great plains on your grille


Time to take a little spin


Boulder looks like the type of town

That I could spend some time

But in Houston they got our name in lights


You're clean as a widow woman's washboard son


The slab is yours tonight


Townes is in the back lounge

With his hands in his pocket


Pulls out two dice and says 'Let's get at it'


Salina in the headlights snake eyes on the floor


Al drops another twenty Pete heads for the door


Springer's feeling lucky sits down for a spell

Oklahoma City and he's lost his last bill


Jeff is in a bind waiting on sister hicks


Seven comes a-calling

As we cross on into Texas


Townes is in the back lounge

With a fist full of fives

He says 'It's a little bit long

But I'm enjoying this ride'


Be careful with the dice

When you're surrounded by others


With boxcars in their eyes


Never count your winnings at hour 23


Of a 24-hour drive


Remember that you're not the one

Calling the tune

That's making those diamonds dance


Or you'll be clean as

A widow woman's washboard son


And those are the facts


Townes is in the back lounge cursing at them bones


He says 'Ain't this fool ever heard of Raton'