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I Got 5 On It

Luniz30 Mar 2003

I Got 5 On It Lyrics

I Got 5 On It (只要5块钱) - Luniz

Written by:G. Brown

Creep on in on in echos




See I'm ridin high ridin high echos



Kinda broke you see me all so

I got is five

I got five

I got five on it

I got five what you got n**ga


I think I got two bucks in my sock ni**a

Well that's that

F**k it

I think I got three bucks in my backpack

Enough to get a phat sack

Hell yeah

You got some zags

Not at all man

Let's get some from the store

Fa sho because a n**ga need a tall ken


Open the door blood

N**ga where my keys at

I don't know

Remember I gave 'em to you to

Go get that w**d sack

Oh here they go in my sock

Put your seatbelt on

'Cuz there's hella cops parked up the block

Well n**ga bust a u ey then

N**ga fire up that doobie then

Hell nah

You major skanless potna

Well sue me then

Oh be like that on a roach

Nope look at them hoes

Man f**k them tricks n**ga let's get smoke

Pass the doobie to the left biddy bum bum boo

Whoa what the f**k wrong wit you

D**n I had a flash back

This n**ga frontin me some yay

But you know that he ain't gonna get his cash back

N**ga what if the cash jack

Oh it's cool

F**k this I'm puttin it in the cuts

It's bad enough he got not tags on the cutlass

Eh you know what 84th is the closest



A fat a** hamp n**ga let's smoke this

Let's roll a blunt wit the skunk

Why you bring that skanless a** sack

Man this sh*t ain't no punk

Here smell this

Roll it up then n**ga

Haha yeah

Let's go half on some liquor

Yeah go get some tango or something

Eh I got to see some ID

Aww man sh*t I ain't got nothing


Man I spend wit you all the time

Sorry no id no colors icy bine

Aww f**k that

They didn't let you get the drank

Get out my store

Man I ain't trippin


I got five on it


Grab your 40

Let's get keyed

I got five on it


F**kin wit that indo w**d

I got five on it

It's got me stuck and I'm tore back

I got five on it


N**ga let's go half on a sack

I take a sack to the face

Whenever I can

F**k a cruch

I be smokin that sh*t

'Til the joint be burnin my hand

Next time I roll it in a hampa

To burn slo

So the ashes won't be burnin up my hand bra

Hoes wanna hit but they know

They got to pitch in


I roll a joint that's longer than your extension

'Cuz I'll be d**ned if you get high off me for free

F**k that

You betta bring your own sh*t cheif


Don't babysit that

You better pass the

Joint n**ga stop hittin

'Cuz you know ya got asthma

Crack a 40 open homie

An guzzel it

'Cuz I know the w**d in my system is gettin lonley

I gotta take a piss test for my po

I know I failed

'Cuz I done smoked hella w**d bro

An everytime we with chris

That n**ga rollin up a fattie

But the tanqueray straight had me

Lit to the fullest extreme

There was gettin no higher

That sh*t had my chest on fire

Dru Down was swiggin to the face straight

But I ain't f**kin wit that

I think I'll stick to the crazy 8's

Bring me a bottle and I'm cool wit that

I'm a lounge wit that

N**ga bring me a phat sack

I don't know how to roll

But I know how to smoke

I think I'm gonna hit it 'til my a** choke


Whooo weee


Baby boy


I'm hella high d**n




That's that indo


Only oakland got that doja like that

Only the town n**ga

Eh man quit hoggin up the joint man you baby sittin it

What you talking about

Pass that sh*t over here



Give me some brew an I might just chill

But I'm the type that like to light

Another joint like cypress hill

I steal doobies

Spit loogies when I puff on it

I got some bucks on it

But it ain't enuff on it

F**k wit the s the t i d e s

Never the less

I'm hella fresh

Rollin joints like a cigarrette


So pass it 'cross the table like ping pong

I'm gone

Beatin my chest like king kong

It's on

Wrap my lips around a 40

And when it comes to get another stogie

N**gas all kick in like shinobi

Nummy ain't my homie to begin with

It's too many heads to be poppin to

Let my friend hit sh*t

Unless you pull out the phat crispy

Five dollar bill

On the real before it's history


'Cuz n**gas be havin' them vaccum lungs

An if you let 'em hit it for free

You hella dum du dum dum

I come to school with the taylor on my earlobe

Avoidin all the dick teasers

Skeezers and weirdos

That be f**kin off the land like where tha bomb at

Give me two bucks

You take a puff

And pass my bomb back

Suck up the dank like a slurpy

The serious

Bomb will make a n**ga go delirous like eddie murphy

I got more growin pains than maggie

'Cuz n**gas snag me

To take the dank out of the baggie

I got five on it


Grab your 40 let's get keyed

I got five on it


Messin' wit that Indo' weed

I got five on it


It's got me stuck and knocked on back

I got five on it


Partna let's go half on a sack


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Shuaib Mayet

We grew up on drug dealer music or this generation on drug user music

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This is a classic ... when rap actually had a beat and a story to tell