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Sobbin' Women

Howard Keel, Jane Powell20 Sep 2010

Sobbin' Women Lyrics

Sobbin' Women - Howard Keel/Jane Powell

Tell ya about them sobbin' women

Who lived in the Roman days

It seems that they all went swimmin'

While their men was off to graze

Well a Roman troop was ridin' by

And saw them in their me oh my

So they took them all back home to dry

Least that's what Plutarch says

Oh yes

Them a woman was sobbin'

Sobbin' sobbin'

Fit to be tied


Every muscle was throbbin' throbbin'

From that riotous ride


See they cried and kissed

And kissed and cried

All over that Roman countryside

So don't forget that

When you're takin' a bride


Sobbin' fit to be tied


From that riotous ride


They never did return their plunder

The victor gets all the loot

They carried them home by thunder

To rotundas small but cute

And you've never seens so

They tell me such downright domesticity

With a Roman baby on each knee

Named Claudius and Brute

Oh yes

Them a women was sobbin'

Sobbin' sobbin' passin' them nights


While the Romans was goin' out

Hobbin' nobbin' startin' up fights


They kept occupied by sewin' lots

Of little old togas

For them tots and sayin'

Someday women folk'll have rights


Passin' all of them nights

Just sewin'

While the Romans had fights


Now when their men folk went to fetch them


The women would not be fetched


It seems when the Romans ketch them

Their lady friends stay ketched

Right now let this be because it's true

A lesson to the likes of you

Roughly treat like them

There Romans do

Or else they'll think you're tetched

Oh yes

Them a women was sobbin' sobbin'

Sobbin' buckets of tears

My sad

On account of old dobbin'

Dobbin' really rattled their ears

And that is all

Oh they acted angry annoyed

But secretly they was overjoyed

You may recall that

When corralin' your streets

Oh oh oh oh them poe little dears


Oh yes

Them a women was sobbin'

Sobbin' sobbin' weepin' a ton

Then sobbin' women

Just remember what robin' robin' robin'

Hood woulda done

Then sobbin' women

We'll be just like them three merry men

And make them all merry once again

And though they'll be a sobbin' for a while

Oh yes


We're gonna make them sobbin' women smile