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Irishman Freestyle

Action Bronson31 Oct 2018

Irishman Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ************

White Bronco, Queens in this *****

(Uh huh, yeah, yeah, yah, yah)

Baklava (Wow, wow, wowowowow)

You already know me, yo, get my ************* drugs

Quick please (Blahblahblahblahblahblah)

Yeah, yo

I caught a DUI coming out the Trey Songz concert

**** was bonkers, Bronson slam like Giannis (Uh)

Mega wellness hat, I'm unconscious (True)

Don't drink gin and tonic (No)

Only natural wine to be honest (True)

Your chick plastic like fake rice from China (Uh)

Staring in the mirror like, "I hate my vagina" (Yew)

Just did my first scene with De Niro (Uh)

Just did my first scene with Scorsese (Uh)

The Bimmer go 480 with no old ladies (Woo)

**** out of here, *****, you not wavy (Woo)

These more shady, faces like some old babies (Uh)

Me, I'm stone cold crazy, and there's no maybes (True)

****, I was hatched in the '80s (uh)

In 600 Mercedes with Dior shades on (Uh)

New York made me (Uh)

Strong like Japanese sword blades

Two Tesla coils under the bald fade (Damn)

******* with me, that be the wrong thang (Woo)

I'm butt naked with the Uzi on Broadway (Uh)

My haircut is like Dominican folk art

Use the G-Wagon like a go-kart

*****, I got a cold heart (****)

Hot blooded, short tempered (Uh)

Get you splashed like water, not expensive

Brown bags filled with drugs sat beside the benches (Damn)

Any club in the world can't deny me entrance (Nobody)

***** (None), you know it's me, ***** (Yes)

Me, Queens, White Bronco