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I.O.U. (Explicit)

Inspectah Deck25 Jul 2006

I.O.U. (Explicit) Lyrics


I.O.U. - Inspectah Deck

Maybe I owe you something

I'm not the champagne dinner time

Spend the night dim the lights

More like the boots on

Sex you right bet ya bike

She said don't stop

Daddy make my boat rock

Whoa ma you so hot

Let me that row drop

Ahh yeah get it girl ready switch position girl

Doggystyle rip ya curls make that body twist and twirl

Work it out it's your world

Know that I don't lick the pearl

Maybe I owe you something

And I can too collect it

I don't except no credit

Here's how you clear ya debit

Slide out the skirt and set it

Mami already naked

Ready and fish netted

I'm 'bout to work you breathless

I try not to hurt you precious

First let me roll the purple

Then I return to serve you

For you like you deserve to

The fire burn eternal

Later she hook the plate up

Hoping that I would stay but

Maybe I owe you something

She be doing it doing it doing it well

And she was doing just fine 'til she blew up my cell

I ain't fronting I'm still checking she a beautiful belle

She like roleplaying got a jungle room at the 'tel

She the type

That have you creep nights and f**ked up your home

When it comes to that man sh*t you stuck on your own

I know you game me all your love and got

Nothing to show

But yo

Maybe I owe you something

She gleam with the latest on jeans look painting on

I pushed up crazy strong grinding to a reggae song

We broke at the break of dawn blazed on the neighbor's lawn

I gave 'em all later on and skated 'cuz my paper called

Stagged off the peach Snap' d**n son I beast that

Shorty she a free stack

Where do they teach at

Plus she got the deep cat

Know I had to creep back

Maybe I owe you something

Just name a spot or place make sure you rock your lace

Whatever stockings hey it don't matter you're hot as plain

Her nigga's locked away

That's why she out to play

I tell her not today and she ready to cock and spray

She do what poppa say and I ain't got to say

And all she say is let me ride like she Dr Dre

One day she flip the script

Told me I got to pay

Maybe I owe you something

We don't shred no paper


We don't even get down like that


You looking hot and all that mami but you know

We just blow the back get it smacked and that's that

You know so breck




I'm still checking for you though





Maybe I owe you something