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Backdoor (Explicit)

Nate Dogg4 Dec 2001

Backdoor (Explicit) Lyrics



When your days get lonely (Days get lonely)


When your nights get cold (Nights get cold)


When the rains starts poring (Rains starts pouring)


When your man ain't home (Man ain't home)


You can call me baby (Call me baby)


You can let me know (Let me know)


You ain't had none lately (Had none lately)


Let me in the backdoor (Let me in your backdoor)


When he walks out the door


When he acts like he don't want you no more


You can do the same thang


You can play at this game


With this love in forehold


He got you doing his chores


Might as well be with me


You ain't nobody's slave


He ain't never gone change


He still be palying his game


You can do the same thang


Girl I won't say a thang


If you won't tell I won't tell


We living life what the hell


We both want the same thang



Ain't no raison to complain

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Lulama Msila
Lulama Msila

I love this song

Micheal Livingstone
Micheal Livingstone