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The White Room31 Oct 2008

Wilt Lyrics

Wilt - The White Room

Wilt like fowers in the rain

Drawn a picture about it in vain

Can't remember what's been said

Till the dawn it breaks and I'm dead


It's cold


Walk the dream it's my only pain

Taught myself I've fallen unslain

Can't remember who I want

Hold feel say I can


It's cold

It's cold

It's cold


Semi conscious thought


Take this pain that binds me

Something for you to know

Collapse of my heart dislodge me

And I will learn

I will learn


Hold my hand up high as a

I greet the sun yeah

Mind body spirit forming one yeah

Never ending story

Render execute it

I'm the one that can not handle your love oh yeah

It's cold


It's cold