Listen to I'm Hanging up My Heart for You song with lyrics from Solomon Burke

I'm Hanging up My Heart for You

Solomon Burke19 Mar 2007

I'm Hanging up My Heart for You Lyrics

I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You (只为你倾心) - Solomon Burke

I'm gonna stop wasting time honey


Being a run around


Chasing after every little girl


That lives in our town


I'm just gonna take it easy baby


I tell you what I'm

Gonna do right now


I'm hanging up my heart for you


I'm gonna shake the reputation

Of being a ladies man


Gonna throw away my

Little black book right now


In to nearest trash can


I'm just gonna push aside


The things I used to do


Because I'm hanging up my

Heart but now for you


I wanna thank you yes

I wanna thank you


For making me see the light


And oh I'm gonna thank you


Yes I'm gonna thank you



For the rest of my life