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Pale Love

Rose Cousins15 Sep 2006

Pale Love Lyrics

Pale Love - Rose Cousins


It is hard to hear what you're saying


And it is not because it's not loud


It's 'cause I know the truth remaining


I'm not proud


'Cause I look to you to make me work harder


And now you have given up

And I think fear time and pale love haven't faded

And I'm not sure what you're sure of


'Cause pale love is loose around the seams

Pale love is quiet then it screams

Pale love covers over dreams

It pushes and it shoves

It's the worst thing I can think of hey yeah yeah


You deserve a heart that's bright


A home and an open road

You deserve to live at least until you're dead


And if this is the only thing you know


If you're looking for a pretty picture look at her

And if you want to live the truth look at me


Pretty soon all these big things won't matter

And you'll see your ghosts retreating

Showing you real love is lighter than air

Real love won't deny that it is there

Real love rises above


It's what you and I are made of


It's the calm within your heart

And it won't keep us apart

'Cause it's the way it's supposed to start


Real love real love real love



'Cause pale love is the worst thing I can think of