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Red Wine

Common, Syd, Elena4 Nov 2016

Red Wine Lyrics

Red Wine (红酒) - Common/Syd/Elena

Written by:Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Sydney Bennet/Samora Pinderhughes/Edgar Cosma/Vladimir Cosma

Red wine time on the couch

Happy you agreed to hang out


Keep my head in the clouds

Keep them old names out your mouth


I can make you laugh out loud


We the only ones in the house


I can help you body wind down

Make this bottle disappear right now


Get comfortable comfortable


Get comfortable comfortable


Get comfortable comfortable


Let's stay in for the night

Maybe take a walk outside


Let's distance your pride

Me fall in love with your mind


If I look deep in your eyes

I can guess your zodiac sign


We ain't got nothing but time

We can just chill and unwind


Get comfortable comfortable


Get comfortable comfortable


Get comfortable comfortable


Freedom is the road less traveled by the multitude


The mood it's the mode it's the culture


Where there's food there's vultures

More Tony now back then I was Sosa


I was sent like a penny in a loafer


The 2Pac Deepak Chopra


On a plane drinking wine with Oprah

When I missed the dap I ain't mean to insult her


Black Caesar ey o amo roma

Tuto biene vino rosa


My dominican girl she loves soca

Take her to Minetta take her to the MOCA

Most of my friends at home that I'm close to

When they talk put it on stone like a sculpture

Used to be a hooper now I'm a hoper

Thoughts I bring to life like an ultra sound

I'm bound to the underground

Breaking walls down for the black and brown

A activist is active now


How far will you go for exposure


Little homie in the paint tryna post up


Don't make me have to put you on a poster

Posterized by what I vocalize

Weathered the storm like I know the skies

Yea we wear the mask but I know no disguise


These signs of the times are notarized

Written by the lord of the skies mortalized

In us I got cold through cruel winters

Grandmas defenders Fred Hamptons agenda


Never been good with pretenders

They lying on the king like Simba

Dinner branzino and red wine

Quality shared time


F**king and laughing 'til its bed time


Red like my lips

Blue like past thoughts

Brown like your eyes


Just enough time

I can't think now

You're too close and I


Might be too nice

These New York nights

Got me taking chances


I think your hands

Might look just right

If they held mine

Get comfortable comfortable


Get comfortable comfortable


Get comfortable comfortable


Get two glasses

Now I'm swimming

Off the deep end


Heightened senses

No pretending

Make my head spin


I like dancing

In my bedroom

It's just me and you


Put that tape on

Tell me what you want

Let's just make time feel long

Get comfortable comfortable


You could just stay for the night

Here let me turn down the lights


You can let go

Passion comes from down below

We go together like so

Let's make a toast

That we both can make the most of this time


Red wine