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True Sisters

Cinderella, Cast - Sofia The First1 Jan 2013

True Sisters Lyrics


True Sisters (真正的姐妹) - Cinderella (灰姑娘)/Cast - Sofia The First

Everyone's heard about the day

That true love came for me


He carried me off and far away

From my step family


But ever since I wed the prince

And left my hurt behind

There's one regret I won't forget

That weighs upon my mind


My step sisters let their jealousy

Harden their hearts


But when they ruined my ball gown

That's not all they tore apart


If only we had tried to see

A way to start a new

We may have found that this time round

Our friendship only grew

We could have been true sisters

If we only made amends


True true sisters


And ever after friends


You suddenly feel that all is lost

Frightened and alone


But maybe yours isn't the only heart

That's sinking like a stone


Though many of the ones you love

Are frozen in a trance


Someone who's a lot like you

Never made it to the dance


You could be true sisters

If you only make amends

True true sisters



And ever after friends


***Lyrics are from third-parties***