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Everyday (Amor)

Jadakiss, Pusha T, Styles P20 Nov 2015

Everyday (Amor) Lyrics


Everyday (Amor) - P. Diddy (吹牛老爹)/The Family/Jadakiss/Styles P

Written by:Sean Combs

True badman no cry

Some'll live and some'll die

Real man kill and don't say


Move in silence every day every day


Money making ability

Theme music to the Godfather trilogy

Yeah I just do it for the thrill in me

Come through and facilitate the facility

Walk out on a tab they try billing me

Caught a plug on a diesel that's from the Phillipines

Start asking yourself damn how good is he

To make it look so simple but how could it be


Specially when the work is enormous

Proper preparation perfect performance

Never let 'em over exert your endurance

A liability really can hurt your insurance

This is the hustler's thesis

Money accumulates but the product decreases

All types of w**d coke and hashishes

Move it without touching it telekinesis

True badman no cry

Some'll live and some'll die

Real man kill and don't say


Move in silence every day every day


The definition of power

Found out that them dudes that's repping with you is cowards

Your right hand man been effing you on the powder

Cut a body part off and they leave it by city island


We get to the money the money get to us

Could've left but we stayed how slick of us


Love us or be sick of us

We millionaires my niggas up


You think of Puff come on you think of Mitch

Either you talking money or you talking gibberish

B.I. died was New York mine or Jigga sh*t

Both did clothing and liquor got into bigger sh*t

King gotta fight for the throne you gotta live with this

Friendly competition in music you should consider this

Just a little moment I figured I'd revisit it

Cause y'all niggas is talking it but ain't living it

True badman no cry

Some'll live and some'll die

Real man kill and don't say


Move in silence every day every day

Pray for the sight and light pot


Death is certain and life's not

If I'm in the booth then you know that the mic hot

If I'm in a cyph who could tell what I might drop


My context complex

I'm just playing god in the Devil's contest

Are you cursed or blessed when you take your last breath

With your first one let me dumb down get the verse done

Walk with the angels and demons I'm not the first one

Soul'll be out of my body before the hearse come


Dig me then you're used to the witty

Old soul I was here when Medusa was pretty

New York ni**a roof of the city I'm in the coupe looking pretty

I got work I still move with the biggie

Playing 10 crack amendments it's never a lack of hammers

This is called painting the picture without a canvas



Ayo that sh*t was cold b


Mitch was a real star


And when the light caught him he always looked good


And Mitch got love from everybody I mean everybody


They say I'm overrated when they weigh in

The fish outgrew the pond that a ni**a play in

It's like a blowout but the starter just wanna stay in

When you rap about the sh*t you simultaneously weigh in


I'm tryna find peace for the love of my brother

Who dodged the white powder I couldn't I'm covered


The price of blood diamonds is killing our cousins

While high blood sugar just killing my mother

Two bezels later and another Porsche

It's midnight the sunrise leather says the Devil Lost


Daytona wing at the dealership

Drug money in the back office get the peeling sh*t

Wooo I ain't never been platinum ni**a

Yuugh every car since was platinum ni**a

Wooo more liquid than you rapper niggas


Only mister was a blacker ni**a


Colour purple on the label

Off white all over the table like a sable

Sniff when your curse is your gift

Your nitch get deported like Arizona rich he'll be back


Money making Mitch


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