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Pass da Mic

Da Youngsta's5 Feb 2008

Pass da Mic Lyrics

Pass Da Mic - Da Youngsta's

I strike back with the mic and track

When it comes to drums it's like I hyper react

My mind starts to generate words that penetrate

Then I eliminate suckers who imitate


Once again I reveal the skill

Money's growing like grass with the mass appeal


It doesn't matter hardcore or commercial


I'm universal rehearsal

The name's Qur'an consider me a brighter man


I'm climbin charts like spiderman


A legend in my own time with the microphone I'm

One of the world's most electrifyin


I dust MC's like a AandC

So sit back and let this young mans peak


Sorry suckers take a hike


But for now I'ma pass the mic


(I'ma pass the mic)


Honeydips flip cause they know I'm well equipped

They drop they bottom lip then they start to unzip

The XYZ but I ain't down with HIV

So I keep my j i double m y

In my backpocket just in case I wanna knock it

When it comes to this I'm sure that I can rock it

Once the mic's passed to me each line has to be

Perfectly fitted cause wack ain't permitted

In my format no I ain't for that


Forget it you can't get with it hit the door black

It's time to get props so check it out hops

I'm on the road to success and I ain't makin no stops

My style's vernacular some call it spectacular

My mic I be smackin ya


Right about now I'm doin just what I like

My time's up so I'ma pass the mic

(Pass the mic)


Yo I'm stable unable to get on a weak label

You still be home writin watchin me on cable

Steppin to me yo you're bound to take a fall

I put you in a pocket like an eightball

I'm gettin paid for my performance on stage


You still be makin minimum wage

You can't complain to restrain my career


Breakin your neck for a petty little check

You can't complain to restrain my career

Somethin and make things clear


You beat me yo your chances are very low

Now you should know that I'm a pro at this

Each time I write a rhyme consider it a hit

You little budget MC your pockets stay on E

Right now I'm about to take flight

So I'm gonna pass the mic


(Pass the mic)


Here's a quick flashback by me on the last track

Get a whiff of this you won't want none of your cash back

Continuous flavor I always seem to set you straight

You heard so many wack songs I couldn't let you wait

Another minute better yet another second

Cause once I give 'em one two

Check you know the brother's wreckin

So put me in the books one of the best who did it

I'm the top soloist all the rest should quit it

Ain't nothin to it I'ma do it like I'm hittin skins

And at the same time you can believe I'm gettin ends

I catch fits cause it gets irritative when

Suckers act like they got a creative pen

But they don't so they need to just settle down


Because it's time to put my foot on the pedal now

Some suckers thought I really couldn't do it right

But for now I'm gonna pass the mic

(Pass the mic yo pass the mic)

(Pass the mic yo pass the mic)

(Pass the mic yo pass the mic)

(Pass the mic)




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