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Comin' Real Again

MC Breed2 May 2012

Comin' Real Again Lyrics

Uh guess whos back oh uh

Guess whos back muthaf**ka big ballin a** muthaf**kin breed

Giving you what ya need yea smokin a gang of w**d

Hit them fools ni**a come one come all

Niggas getting the beat down

Retreat peeps feel the heat of the breed sound

Collect facts then attack like I'm suppose to

Ya boys goin aaahhhh four new niggas and them hoes too

Its me that ni**a who ain't never got caught

My mic is smooth as peppa with a touch of salt

Eat a book of the mark a** niggas I broke

Cause big breed can do ya why I'm smoking my d**e try to cope

Catch up as this sh*t gets mental this chronic got me workin my brain

I need a pencil

So I can shake and change the style but in the meanwhile

I maintain the crowd

Make moves to improve so I can get a bigger rep

The trigger finger straped I wanna see another ni**a step

I play the cards and you lost mista gillagan

The mighty mad bad writers comin real again

Buck buck muthaf**ka right at your muthaf**kin a**

This sh*t too strong for a muthaf**kin vest

So watch your chest and your dome

Leave breed the f**k alone

We sendin niggas to the f**kin cemetary

They got me thinkin sittin in the hot spot

I'm straight up havin hard times wanting me a drop top

And a phat knot I ain't tryin to hear that five o sh*t

I'm black and I was born with a survival kit

Ain't sh*t to spit in the beer that I'm drinkin

I gotta get paid I gotta get paid and thats what a ni**a be thinkin

You sleep hoes i'm lookin in peep

In your four head run till your toes is numb go test your broke head

Breed got niggas on your back once again punk

Told you ain't no future in that sh*t but you still front

When will they relize I got the feel again

The mighty mad writers comin real again

Buck buck bbbbbbbbbIIIII

Thats the motherf**kin sound as we f**kin mothaf**kas down

Yeah ni**a run but you count out race this motherf**kin bullet

Breed pull it they can't fade you boy

Once mo toe to toe I don't think so

Bird sales and knockin niggas out like ridick boe

You ain't the play you know the play well don't say sh*t

Get'em and find your a** gettin off the pathement

Wavin the sh*t beggin niggas to just straight quit

But f**k that a hard head can get a niggas a** kicked

I ain't lettin up for none son uh I'm comin real again

Yea motherf**ker how you wanna play this sh*t

We can go toe to toe glock for glock block for block

Homie for muthaf**kin homie

But you muthaf**kers gonna feel this ni**a this time

Cause we ain't comin back with that old b******t

Its too many muthaf**kin dead niggas

For me to be takin this here b******t

Thata why theres muthaf**kers in the pin now ni**a

So pull or quit that b******t

Cause I don't wanna hear that muthaf**kin crap

Comin real again ni**a thought I told you muthaf**kers

I thought you knew

Its the muthaf**kin real sh*t

Muthaf**ka one hundrend percent athentic

Type of sh*t you get chronic out to know what I'm saying

So do me a muthaf**kin fava and light another muthaf**kin blunt

You know what I'm saying a blunt muthaf**ka philly sytle

Know what I'm saying chronic ni**a

I'm talkin bout layed out played out phat f**kin funk

Yeah this that kinda sh*t we kickin in the nine tre muthaf**ka

So all you muthaf**kin big ballin a** gangstas

You put your muthaf**kin hand on ya gat

And if the police roll up and say turn it down

You burn it down muf**ka

Cause we comin real again

Ninteen ni**a three boy real again and grabbin steel again