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Let It Glow

Olivia Rodrigo, Madison Hu11 Nov 2016

Let It Glow Lyrics

Let It Glow (让它发光) (《冰雪奇缘:北极光》动画片插曲) - Olivia Rodrigo/Madison Hu

Written by:Craig Wedren/Alex Shenkman


When the sky's awake with crazy colors green and blue

You might be saying that's fake I'm here to tell its true


Call northern lights aurora boree alise yah know

The sky wakes up at night so let it glow


Gunna head up north were its always snowin theres

A party in the sky mother natures throwing

Stuff go down million hours an hour so

Let's break down this fire power

It all starts with the sun and a solar

Wind the charge policude colides with oxigen and nitrogen


Frankie I'm so sorry paige are you ok

Paige way better than ok


Were natural fenominal let it glow let it

Glow this technic color vision is way outta

Control let it glow let it glow

Where the earths magnetics field play it crusural


Its plasma ya'll northern lights are bright

In the right conditions fall

Its the gr8 est light show but yuh know

Its all alnarty so ha it can melt a snow cone

When its light out what is light out not

Gunna make stuff up no more

Its show and tell and its time to glow pull


Up this right and here we go