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When The Leaves Have Fallen

Willy Mason5 Mar 2007

When The Leaves Have Fallen Lyrics

When The Leaves Have Fallen - Willy Mason

When the leaves have fallen from the last live tree


Will you still be calling with a song for me


When the rocks are empty of the gold we seek


Will you give me reason reason to move my feet


When the disillusioned are cleaned off the streets


Will you clean my shirt and hide me from police


When I no longer follow another mans beliefs


Will you walk with me when I'm on my own

Two feet


When we've finally poisoned every last threatening beast


Will you make my heart pound and shake up my



When each lock is picked and possession


Means to lose


Will we sleep sound while the rich shake in their



Until they learn to sing the blues


When the dogs are called off on their search for



Will you sit with me while they howl what's the



When the ocean swallows up


The priests on higher ground


Will you swim with me my love


Deep into the