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Prehistoric Man

Frank Sinatra1 Sep 2012

Prehistoric Man Lyrics

Prehistoric Man - Frank Sinatra (弗兰克·辛纳屈)

Modern man is not for me

The movie star and dapper Dan


Give me the healthy Joe from ages ago

A prehistoric man


What has Gable got for me

Or Mrs Johnson's blond boy band


I want a happy ape with no English drape

A prehistoric man


Top hats bow ties


He simply wore no ties


Bare skin bare skin


He just sat around in nothing but bare skin


I really love bare skin


Some guys care a lot for me

But my excitement they can't ban


Because I still await my primitive mate

We've had a date since the world began

My prehistoric man


No psychoanalysis

He never knew what made him tick


He never paid it seems for telling his dreams


Poor prehistoric Dick


Jitters jitters


He never had jitters


No repression

He just believed in free self expression


I love self expression


He had honest calices

He never worked to pile up dough

So unlike you and me no ulcers had he

Simple and free

In the long ago

For prehistoric Joe


Bebop be op


They didn't have bebop


Tom-toms tom-toms


They sat all day just a beatin' on tom-toms


I really love tom-toms