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For Mama (La Mama)

Connie Francis14 Jun 2004

For Mama (La Mama) Lyrics

For Mama (La Mama) - Connie Francis (康妮 法蓝西斯)

Ave Maria


She said: "My daughter I beg of you

I have a with that must come true

The last thing you can do for Mama

Please promise me that you will stay

And take my place while I'm away

And give the children love each day"

I had to cry what could I say


How hard I tried to find the words

I prayed she wouldn't see my cry

So much to say that should be heard

But only time to say goodbye to Mama


They say in time that you'll forget

Yet still today my eyes are wet

I tell myself to smile for Mama


Now soon there'll be another spring

And I will start remembering

The way she loved to hear me sing

Her favorite song "Ave Maria"


Ave Maria


The children have all grown up now

I kept my promise to Mama


I cannot guide them anymore


I've done my best all for Mama


Ave Maria


But still it seems so very small


For all she did for me


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