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Menace 2

Quality Control, Migos, Lil Yachty16 Aug 2019

Menace 2 Lyrics

作曲 : Miles Parks Mccollum/Quavious Marshall/Kiari Kendrell Cephus/Earl Isaac Bynum

作词 : Miles Parks Mccollum/Quavious Marshall/Kiari Kendrell Cephus/Earl Isaac Bynum

EarlOnTheBeat EarlOnTheBeat EarlOnTheBeat

EarlOnTheBeat EarlOnTheBeat

Can't hang around if you don't got two feet

I don't eat fruit so my nut like sweet heat

*****s so rich, bank lookin' like VC

Walk down, run down on 'em like it's D.C

I don't shoot but I call the shots like a DP

Clip whole .12 like a 05 CD

Summertime, ******* wearin' green like a BP

DD, sittin' on the chest, she gon' suck me

Whole time, ***** on the phone tryna run down

Bomb down, baby gettin' piped 'til the sundown

Rich *****, take a rich **** on a gold seat

Since then, been a prodigy, like Mobb Deep

Say less, *****, do more, 'cause the talk free

Used to punch numbers off a iPhone 5c

White ***** tan, lookin' like a orange Hi-C

Shawty gave top and I rated it a high C

Man, I'm back and I'm better

I gained a lil' weight but I look even better

She give it a lick like she closing a letter

Her friend tryna **** but she actin' so never (Never)

Goin' bad broke, AR with the scope

I bought a lil' tote, it cost me a dime

Cut the boy off, seeing the signs

Can't get round if you don't pay the fine

Pig on the plate, lookin' like swine

Who ***** is this? Finna be mine

Get her on her knees like she at the shrine

Three L's with jewelry be clear (Hey)

Take off your ice, give it here (Come on with that)

Four hundred, this 'Rari in gear (Skrrt)

Back in the Maybach, lay back, hit the sheer (Lay back)

Stare in his eyes but we don't got no fear (Who?)

Shawty got pop and they say it's severe (Bow, bow)

We get it but we don't even know (We don't know)

I made a F on my test, F on my chest

**** it, that need to go (**** it)

Oh, you got a S on your chest? With no vest on your chest?

Pay the check and we blow (Bow)

Her Birkin cost 30, that's low (30)

**** it, go buy her three more (**** it)

I'ma break the ***** down, kilo (Break her down)

Aventador green, Cee-lo (Yeah, yeah, uh)

The ***** want Shanaynay, okay (Okay)

Get her number up to 3K, Andre (3K)

Straight off the goddamn runway (Runway)

She get on her knees, no Sunday (Woo)

Straight Martell, no Bombay (Martell)

I knew I was gon' be rich one day (Hey)

Big clap, comin' in, Andale (Clap)

**** clout, you can have it, I'll throw it away (**** it)

When I ball out, *****, you wanna come lay (Skrrt)

Diamonds meeting up too, like family (Hey)

Pull the thing out, they go that way

I bet they gon' tell it's a rat race (Uh)

Me, Set and Lil Boat, you're woke (Set)

200K short change, I choke (Damn)

Baguettes all in the fangs, I spoke (Baguettes)

Hit the strip, make it rain, C-notes (Drip)

New watch and it's Plain, **** (Woo)

How you hit 'em with the flex? I don't know (Flex)

Cashin' out two checks on the low (Cash)

That's for the group and solo (Ooh)

Whipped cream on the ice like a float (Whip)

I want a quarter M to host (M)

Real money used to do the most (Woo)

When we got the packs in the post (Hey)




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