Listen to It's Tough to Be a Bug song with lyrics from George Wilkins

It's Tough to Be a Bug

George Wilkins, Kevin Rafferty1 Jan 2013

It's Tough to Be a Bug Lyrics

It's Tough to Be a Bug (很难成为一个错误) (From It’s Tough to be a Bug!) - George Wilkins/Kevin Rafferty

Written by:George Wilkins/Kevin Rafferty

We're pollinators

We're pollinators


If you like vegetables fresh fruits and flowers

Give thanks to us bugs for our marvelous powers

If it weren't for the fact that we like the taste

You'd be out there wallowing in shoulder high waste

Shoulder high waste

And if all bugs were wiped off the face of the planet

There'd soon be no humans around here to man it

The best thing about us you can't live without us

Still it's tough to be a bug


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