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Mo Bamba

Sheck Wes5 Oct 2018

Mo Bamba Lyrics



I got hoes calling a young n***a phone

Where's Ali with the motherfucking dope? (bitch, bitch)

I be ballin' like a mo'fuckin' pro (like a, huh, like a, huh)

I be ballin' like my n***a Mo (Bamba, bitch)

Sheck Wes, I ain't a mo'fuckin' joke (haha, hahahahaha)


Steph Wes stay with the fuckin' pole (pa, pa, pa-pa)

You f**k around and get poled (you get poled, bitch)


'Cause I got hoes (so many fucking hoes)

Callin' a young n***a phone

(Ring-ring, ring, ring-ring, ring, ring-ring)

Where's Ali with the (bitch with the) mo'fuckin' dope? (huh)

I be ballin' like a mo'fuckin' pro (like a mo'fuckin' pro)

I be ballin' like my n***a Mo (Bamba, Bamba)

Sheck Wes got so many flows (I do it all)

Call me Drake how a n***a controlla


Oh! Fuck! Shit! Bitch!

Young Sheck Wes and I'm getting really rich (ching-ching)

See how I caught it 'cause I'm really with the shits (bang-bang)

See me in the streets and I be really with a (cling, cling), with a

Bad B***h (bitch), niggas straight rocking (rock)

Niggas straight see me, when they see me, they be coppin' (what?)

I'm the best drug dealer, nigga, come and cop it (got it)

Young Sheck Wes, I'm like the fuckin' Green Goblin


I got hoes (ho)

Calling a young n***a phone, phone (bitch)

Where's Ali with the motherfucking dope?

(With the motherfucking dope)

Dope (with the motherfucking dope)

With the motherfucking d**e (bitch)

With the d**e (getting rich), with my bros (bitch, shit)

I fucked your ho (shit)

And she ain't even let you know (she fucked up)


Damn, this n***a nice, f**k is you talking about?

('Cause I got) B***h (hoes)

And my n***a One-Six, my nigga

Ali, the Daytrip nigga, f**k is niggas talking about?

(I got hoes, shit

Young Sheck Wes, I do it on the go)



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Reezy Boy

Brings the heat🔥🔥🔥

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Fucken love ❤️ this shxt


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Kagiso KayGee Tlabyane


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Sheck Wes

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right on 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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it is

best song

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best song